Teaming up with Musicalternative to provide smiles with a ‘Lockdown Learning Song’

It’s almost been a month since the partial closure of schools and the UK going into a widespread lockdown.

Many of us would be forgiven for feeling a little downbeat or disheartened. It’s not easy being confined to our homes for most of the day. And whether we’re home learning, working from home or trying to juggle both, we must try and remember that the most important thing is to stay safe.

Music is the key to the soul

Many of us will have little things that keep us going and sometimes a little music can go a long way. So, when we saw what Gary Barlow was doing on YouTube with his Crooner Sessions, we were inspired… and we knew just the people to call.

Having worked with Sam and Mark before (or as their stage name goes, Musicalternative) we knew this would be another masterpiece in the offering. We got in touch, we exchanged a few emails and then got down to work.

The lyrics were no problem. The guys rarely disappoint. But we were keen to get them both in the same video despite them being in different cities. A split-screen conundrum.

After a few false dawns and a number of technical issues, we eventually got there. We polished the video, added in the subtitles... and the rest is history.

So go on, spread some joy

Released on the website today and gathering pace on Facebook and Twitter– you can view National Online Safety and Musicalternative collaborating together once again (this time around remote learning) in the hope of spreading a little joy in the face of lockdown.

Enjoy, sing along and share!

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