Online Consent and Educating Pupils on Their Rights and Responsibilities

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About The Webinar

Online Consent and Educating Pupils on Their Rights and Responsibilities

This webinar will provide headteachers, senior leaders, governors, teachers and support staff with a thorough understanding of what’s done with our data and consent online, with a specific focus on how this relates to the activities of under-18s in the digital world.

In most of the UK (excepting Scotland), a child has the legal capacity to enter into a contract once they’re over the age of 7. To agree to social media apps gathering their data, it’s mostly 13. To take and send an explicit image of themselves online, it’s 18. Consent is a frequently discussed topic in online contexts, and this webinar goes into detail about what it means in practical terms – encompassing current issues such as data usage, revenge porn and the digital age of consent.

Here, members of the Global Equality Collective – a community of inclusion and diversity subject matter experts – unpack different types of online consent, clarifying the issues around them and spotlighting not only possible criminal consequences but also professional and personal implications.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding what is actually meant when we talk about ‘true’ consent and what the key features of it are.

  • Examining the numerous different ways that consent might be presented or navigated in the online world.

  • Exploring example scenarios which are useful to consider when discussing or teaching about online consent.

  • Building a comprehensive appreciation of the criminal, legal and human rights issues which can affect online consent.

  • Recognising how consent may become an issue in a variety of online and digital contexts, for both pupils and parents.

Nic Ponsford

About The Expert

Nic Ponsford

Co-founder and CEO, Global Equality Collective, award-winning teacher, author and EDI specialist
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