Peer Mentoring: Developing a Programme to Boost Digital Resilience | Secondary

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About The Webinar

Peer Mentoring: Developing a Programme to Boost Digital Resilience | Secondary

For: Leaders, teachers 

Aim: This webinar will discuss the importance of peer mentorship in schools – offering practical guidance on how to develop a peer mentorship programme for learning about online safety and ensure its impact for the mentors, the mentees and the wider school.

Rationale: A study by the University of Sussex has provided strong evidence that peer mentoring schemes can have a positive impact on the mental health of both the mentor and their mentees – helping build resilience, improve self-esteem, increase empathy and reduce anxiety levels. Mentorship can prove to be especially useful in the teaching of online safety, with the mentors able to credibly impart messages which help to embed digital safety into the culture of the school.

Learning Outcomes

  • Defining what student agency is (and why it’s important), along with how a peer mentoring programme for online safety teaching can work

  • Understanding how to plan and implement a peer mentoring programme which can be adapted and enhanced to meet the needs of all

  • Identifying the main risks that young people face online and how the peer mentors might help to reduce them

  • Appreciating the potential benefits of a peer mentoring programme, as well as the obstacles and challenges

  • Building awareness of various methods for helping to promote online safety across a whole school setting

Simon Howe

About The Expert

Simon Howe

Head of ICT & Computing, NCCE Champion, CAS Coach & Hub Lead and Specialist Leader of Education.
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