World Hearing Day 2018: Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World now in BSL!

//World Hearing Day 2018: Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World now in BSL!

Tomorrow is World Hearing Day, and to celebrate, we are launching our Online Safety story video (Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World) in BSL! World Hearing Day 2018 aims to draw attention towards the anticipated rise in the number of people with hearing loss across the world and we want to help raise awareness.

There are more than 48,000 deaf children in the UK – 41,261 in England, 2,374 in Wales, 2,942 in Scotland and 1,497 in Northern Ireland and at National Online Safety, we want to ensure that each of those children are protected from online dangers.

‘Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World’ is a story that focuses on current online dangers and encourages children to think about the actions they take. We created the story to help children understand what it takes to stay safe in the online world, whilst making it fun and engaging to deliver the key safety messages effectively.

Throughout the story, Oscar is posed with difficult decisions relating to digital dangers that children face today. The pupils are encouraged to help Oscar choose the right decision to avoid dangers and stay safe in the online world. The story covers topics such as online bullying, making payments on the internet, friend requests, pop ups, online gaming and much more.

The illustrations are bright and engaging, with animated elements from start to finish to keep the entire classroom engaged!

Here is a short example of the BSL Online Safety story:

Are you a school who is interested in our BSL online safety story video? You can register your interest in our BSL story video by emailing:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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